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representative director:KIJIN HAN


My name is KIJIN HAN, a representative director of MadeInHokkaido.

MadeInHokkaido is a competitive tour company which has set up a headquarters in Hokkaido for 17 years. Our tour company has extensive networks and highly-specialized recognition covering Hokkaido as well as Mainland and Kushu among same travel agencies. We ourselves are quite proud of the No. 1 tour company which possesses the best arranging and preparatory capability in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido is the amazing place where you can experience not only various nature environments that change charmingly each season but also all sorts of delicacies that are produced in this pristine area. You are also able to enjoy trekking in the clean and pure scenery in spring and autumn. In summertime, you can take pleasure in the high sky, fresh flowers and abundant fruits in season. In winter, you can have fun with playing winter sports such as ski and snowmobile in the splendid snow view. Plus, you can take a rest in many world-famous hot springs for a cure of body and soul in Hokkaido.

MadeInHokkaido devotes all our energies to leaving behind you only pleasant and happy memories in above-mentioned Hokkaido. We are the best travel company which makes every limitless effort for customers’ high quality trip.

MadeInHokkaido provides all the information and tour service in Hokkaido as well as all Japanese areas. We promise you that we will always research and offer the top-class travel service in the position of customers. Thanks you so much. Bon voyage in Hokkaido.

Saiki Building 2F, 1-6, Minami 9-Jo, Nishi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

TEL. 011-533-7703 /
(82) 70-8226-7623
FAX. 011-533-7704

3-minute walk from subway Nanboku Line Nakajima Koen Station(Namboku Line subway)
8-minute walk from subway Toho line Hosui-Susukino Station(Toho Line subway)